About Us

Welcome to Mystic Minerals Metaphysical Herb Shoppe, nourishing the Mind, Body & Spirit.
Our shoppe is a caravan of treasures carrying high quality crystals, herbs, essential oils, herbal teas, crystals, jewelry, spiritual items, glassware & eclectic gifts from afar.
Mystic Minerals Metaphysical Herb Shop serve Good Vibes to all Good Souls who enter here. 

  1. Who we are?

  • Mystic Minerals is the leading source of lifestyle choice for expanding your mind, nurturing your body & soul and free your spirit. 
  1. Why we exist?

  • There is a need to guide the spiritual, mental and well-being of fellow human beings through the Great Awakening and these turbulent times. We are that guide. 

  1. Who we serve?

  • Spiritualist, holistic oriented and nature loving individuals, seeking well being, looking to explore their journey in the physical and spiritual World. 

  1. What we provide?

  • A sense of belonging, connect yourself and your spirituality
  • Judgment free space filled with “White light”
  • Tools & support to better their physical, mental & spiritual health

Live Life Magically! 

Connect and be heard! Share your story, challenges, victories  and express yourself at the most peaceful, relaxed and beautiful judgment free space in Central Florida! 
Charge with positivity from the Good Energy fountain at Mystic Minerals!
Protect your energy & your space, attract abundance & love with the right tools and dedicated guidance. 
New to spirituality or looking to level UP? Learn and then share your knowledge to those who need it.




Hello my name
is Jewelz.


Mystic Minerals Metaphysical Herb Shop began with my passion for herbal wellness and connecting the Mind Body & Spirit as one. I have studied at Live Oak School of Natural Healing in the Master Herbalists & Magical Herbalism program.

My husband, originally from Bulgaria and one of the most leading countries for medicinal herbs, shares his passion of cooking with healing herbs & spices.

Together we created our vision to share with the community. 

We carry a variety of herbs, spices, essential oils, crystals, spiritual items & gifts from across the globe.