Protection Votive Candle

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ProtectionVotive Candle ~

Magic Happens with Reiki Charged Herbal Votive Candles. Each of our Herbal Magic votives have been designed with a specific intention and comes with an affirmation.

Use Protection Reiki Votive Candle for protection from outside negative forces or prior to a journey to ensure a safe trip.
Burn in combination with Problem Solving candle to find where negative energy is coming from in your life.

Protection Candle Affirmation:

I invoke the spirit to guide and protect me. My faith assures that only the positive may touch my being.

I am safe and at ease in body and spirit.

Made with Frankincense, Sandalwood, Rosemary and Cloves essential oils.

Each votive burns for approximately 12 – 15 hours.

We suggest that you always charge your candle before lighting it by using the affirmation supplied with the candle and then expand upon it based on your specific situation. Sit in a quiet place, and visualize the area in your life you want changed. This will personalize your connection with the candle and allow the needed energy to come to you in a more direct manner.

One of the simplest forms of magic is candle burning. The candle flame is a focus point to concentrate your will, to meditate, seek guidance & to manifest change. Candles invoke the divine, they create a sense of ceremony and their colors carry meaning.

Use candles in meditation, rituals, spells or candle magic! 

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.